Symposium: Disaster preparedness and our cultural heritage and collections

Event:  Wednesday 20 October 2021.  Adelaide. Onsite. State Library of South Australia. 

Join us for a half-day symposium raising awareness of the role cultural heritage collections play in building community resilience. The symposium will offer advice on frameworks and grants to help you protect your heritage collections.  The symposium will be followed by a workshop for a small number of participants. 

Held every 13 October, International Day for Disaster Risk Reduction celebrates how people and communities around the world are reducing their exposure to disasters and raising awareness about the importance of reining in the risks that they face.

For cultural heritage and collecting institutions, risk awareness, disaster preparedness and disaster reduction are areas of key concern. Australia has experienced significant natural disasters which have affected cultural heritage and collections. As we approach the 2021-2022 Australian disaster season it is timely to reflect and look at what measures can be put in place to safeguard heritage collections into the future.

Intended for those working in library, archive or museum collections, this event is designed to raise awareness of disaster preparedness and response for collections in the cultural heritage community. It will offer advice on frameworks and grants to help you protect your heritage collections and to ensure collections are cared for into the future.

This event is presented by Blue Shield Australia in partnership with cultural institutions, professional associations and supported by the State Library of South Australia.

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