May Day

Protecting our heritage is a fundamental responsibility for galleries, libraries, archives, museums and heritage places.  May Day was established by the Society of American Archivists. It’s a time when all cultural heritage professionals can do something that will make a difference when and if an emergency occurs. 

May Day 2020 logos (including May Day ‘Virtual’ 2020 logos, as this year our activities are all remote and online) are available for download here.  


May Day 2020 Events – You can now Register for these webinars

Information Awareness Month Webinar – 1 May 11am AEST 

May Day Webinar :  Caring for Collections during Closure – 1 May 2pm AEST

May Day 2020 Activities 

The Federation of Australian Historical Societies warns that climate change is a clear and present threat through fire, flood and other disasters to Australian Communities, including to load historical and heritage societies and their collections. FAHS encourages all societies and their members to take action to protect their physical collections from potential harm, and to work towards duplication through digitisation and off-site backup storage.

In 2020 FAHS invites all Australian historical societies to join in the national Local History Backup project, starting in May.   Follow the hashtag #LocalHistoryBackup

At your Organisation

Revise your Disaster Preparedness Plans, Contact Lists, Preservation Plans, Business Continuity Plans using links from the Blue Shield Australia Resources List.