2017 Blue Shield General Assembly

2017 Blue Shield General Assembly is to be held in Vienna, 12–15 September 2017.

Both members of national Blue Shield committees and observers from other cultural organisations are welcome to attend. For more information and registration, please visit the following website (http://www.ancbs.org/cms/en/home2)

As part of the General Assembly, a new international board will be elected. Five positions will be filled and are open for nomination – four individual members and the president. Nominations are invited from individuals, who are supported by either two national Blue Shield committees (including their own national committee – in our case Blue Shield Australia) or one national committee and one of the four founding organisations (ie ICA, ICOM, ICOMOS or IFLA or their Australian counterparts).

The role is for a period of three years and will require the following commitment from the applicant:

  • support for and promotion of the Blue Shield Approach to the protection of cultural heritage in times of conflict and disaster in Australia and abroad;
  • attendance at all meetings of the board (whether in person or by Skype/teleconference);
  • active contribution to the work of the Blue Shield board internationally;
  • assistance with reporting, research and knowledge sharing within the Blue Shield community; and
  • reporting back to Blue Shield Australia any developments arising from the meetings of the international board.

Ideally, a candidate seeking Blue Shield Australia support would also:

  • have experience in the field (in either disaster or conflict situations), not just head knowledge, and be recognised as an international expert;
  • have a comprehensive understanding of the risks to cultural heritage in the broader context (including risks to collections, built heritage, cultural landscapes, indigenous  heritage and intangible heritage) in the disaster or conflict context;
  • be proactive in liaising with government (at all levels) and emergency services so that cultural heritage is included in emergency planning, response and recovery activities as set out in the Blue Shield Approach;
  • be willing to collaborate/liaise with other organisations that are promoting the protection of cultural heritage in the disaster or conflict context, such as UNESCO, the Red Cross and UNISDR, as well as with other professionals outside the cultural heritage and cultural property sectors (eg. engineers, urban planners, resilience officers, environmental scientists, emergency responders, etc); and
  • be proactive in seeking opportunities to provide training to heritage professionals in disaster risk management and emergency response for cultural heritage, in order to build capacity among heritage professionals so that we are able to prepare for and respond to disasters as necessary.

In other words it is a role for a proactive and experienced candidate.


Applicants should provide a short biography (200 words maximum) and a short statement about why the candidate wishes to be elected (200 words maximum). Please also provide evidence of support from your pillar organisation (ICA, ICOM, ICOMOS or IFLA or their Australian counterparts) and a signed statement of your commitment to the task.

Please forward your nomination to the BSA Secretary (bsaofficialsecret@gmail.com) by 2pm on Monday 21 August 2017.

Important Note: Blue Shield Australia does not assist members of the board financially. The organisation relies on people providing their services pro bono. Thus the nominee must agree to self-fund their travel and provide their services on a pro bono basis.