Closed by COVID-19 – Checklist for GLAMs and Historical and Heritage Sites

Updated :  29 April 2020

Closed by COVID-19 – version 1.2 – 29Apr2020   Word Version

Closed by COVID-19 – version 1.2 – 29Apr2020  PDF Version

Blue Shield Australia and AICCM are pleased to release this Guide [now available as Version 1.2 as above] which has been produced to provide guidance for people who are responsible for closing collections of movable cultural heritage in collecting organisations such as archives, galleries, herbaria, historical societies, libraries and museums and at heritage sites. Whether working as volunteers or as paid staff, the aim is to preserve the collection for the long term, by achieving high standards in management of the collection and its environment. In uncertain times where things are happening so quickly, we hope that this guide and checklist will be useful.

AICCM Covid-19 Information and Links, including Disinfecting and Cleaning guides.

With thanks and acknowledgement to Mary Reid, Sarah Brown, Veronica Bullock and Margaret Birtley and with the support of the Australian Institute for the Conservation of Cultural Material (AICCM).

Closed by COVID-19? – A Practice Guide for Managers V1.1   – note new version above
PDF Version – Closed by COVID19 – ver 1.1 – 27Mar2020
DOC Version – Closed by COVID19 – ver 1.1 – 27Mar2020