Flooding in Eastern Australia

22 March 2021.

While the 2020/2021 disaster season again saw fires and cyclones, the current large-scale flooding affecting many more communities across eastern Australia is becoming critical.              A State of Emergency has been announced for New South Wales.  Disaster Declarations and Emergency Evacuation Orders are updated by SES NSW and Evacuation Centres have been established.  Other up-to-date information is available from Resilience NSW, including advice on donations.   Queensland Flood advice is provided by Queensland Fire and Emergency Services. If your gallery, library, archive, museum or local history site has been impacted by flooding, please contact Blue Shield Australia and your relevant BSA Member Association with your information.   Further news will be provided here in the coming days.

Flood Recovery Resources for those institutions and personal collections immediately impacted.

Disaster Planning Resources if you are not currently impacted.

Update – 4 April 2021 :   As the cleanup continues in communities across NSW there have been few impacts on GLAM sites directly.  A number of historical societies and monuments and sites were impacted and future assessments will be forthcoming.

During this Flood event in March 2021, Geoscience Australia and partner organisations put together a data hub with key location/geospatial datasets, including NSW flood footprints. The hub can be found at (https://nsw-flood-hub-emsina.hub.arcgis.com/)