The Australian Museums and Galleries Association (AMaGA) Conference will be held in Canberra 18-21 May 2020. The theme for the conference is ‘Creating the Future: Trust. Diversity. Imagination’.

Canberra 2020 will invite new perspectives on the museum and gallery sector’s role in creating the future. AMaGa is looking forward to developing an ambitious, imaginative and outward-looking program that questions assumptions. This is your chance to share your ideas about addressing our sector’s impact on communities, ecologies and economies and building trust and empathy in the context of global challenges.

We are particularly looking for papers that bring inter-generational, cross-platform, cross-cultural and inter-sectional perspectives to the conference. We are also looking for new perspectives on the work of the sector and its role in shaping our future communities, society and world. Presentation formats for proposals may include : a Pitch, Lightning Talk, Debate, Performance or Film.

Significant dates:
Call for Abstracts – NOW OPEN – closes Monday 30 September 2019
Registration – opens October 2019
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This symposium is an opportunity to share expertise, experiences and case studies of the protection of cultural heritage in times of natural disaster, as well as to discuss climate change and the strategies being put in place by the sector to work towards a sustainable future. The Australia, New Zealand, Asia and Pacific Regions are often affected by natural disasters and we look forward to learning from each other to advance the work of the International Committee of the Blue Shield to safeguard cultural assets for future generations.

The Australian & New Zealand Disaster and Emergency Management Conference

Audio recording from the Museums Australia state conference held in Ballarat on 29-30 March 2012. The theme of the conference was ‘Connect, Conserve and Collect’. Laura Miles from Museum Australia discussed how this theme relates directly to the works done in the aftermath of the 2011 and 2012 floods to protect and save Victoria’s rich heritage. (7 minutes, 18 seconds)

The Blue Shield Australia DISACT symposium 2010 was sponsored by Steamatic