Flooding in Eastern Australia

Our thoughts are with everyone dealing with flooding and water damage in New South Wales and Queensland.

If your gallery, library, archive, museum or local history site has been impacted by flooding or water damage, please see the following resources for assistance:

To assist Blue Shield Australia to understand the magnitude of the flooding event, please contact Blue Shield Australia if you are impacted. Also remember to contact your relevant BSA Member Association.

If you’re not currently impacted, don’t forget to prepare for a disaster. Have you got your AICCM  Disaster Preparedness Calendar to help with planning and preparations?  The Blue Shield Australia website also has a range of Disaster Planning Resources

Fires, Floods and Failures. ALIA URLs Symposium

Canberra – 1 May 2019

Australian Society of Archivists

This year ALIA URLS (ACT) Group and Blue Shield Australia are hosting a one-day Seminar at the National Library of Australia on the topic of ‘Fires, Floods and Failures: Future Proofing against Disaster’

Hear how our colleagues deal with disaster planning and emergency responses in relation to libraries and cultural collections.

Date: Wednesday 1 May, 2019
Time: 9:30am – 4:00 pm
Price: $100 for ALIA members
Location: Conference Room, 4th Floor, National Library of Australia, Canberra

The program and registration details can be found at: https://membership.alia.org.au/events/event/fires-floods-and-failures-future-proofing-against-disaster