ALIA Disaster Management for Libraries, 2nd Edition 2019

The Australian Library and Information Association (ALIA) and Blue Shield Australia, have launched the 2nd Edition of the ALIA Disaster Management for Libraries Guide, Templates and Scenarios. With thanks to Heather Brown and Christine Ianna for all of their work updating these important and useful resources. Please share these resources widely with your disaster management networks.


A well-documented and tested disaster plan can ensure library staff respond quickly and effectively, minimise loss of stock and equipment, ensure the safety and well being of staff, provide continuity of service in some circumstances, and recover quickly. Plans are most effective if staff are trained in using the disaster response plan, and the plan is easily accessible when it’s needed most.

Libraries can find their premises, collections, staff and users under sudden threat, in the case of a fire or burst water pipe in the building. They can be part of a bigger disaster, for example a flood, not only damaging the building and contents, but also affecting the wider community. Libraries sometimes emerge unscathed from a disaster and become part of the essential support service afterwards, as happened in the 2009 Victorian bushfires and the 2011 Queensland floods.

In 2009 ALIA first prepared a number of guides and templates to get you started towards disaster preparedness, and in 2019 these have now been updated.