Flood affected cultural heritage register 2011

January 2011

Our thoughts are with our colleagues in the devastating flood affected areas across Australia. In response to the flood disaster the BSA Committee convened two special meetings in Melbourne on 17th & 27th January 2011. The meetings gathered available information at the time as to how the floods have affected the cultural heritage sector. It also canvassed possible recovery efforts, which could be implemented immediately as well as what activities should be undertaken in the short, medium and long-term.

To assist with these activities BSA agreed to establish a central register of cultural heritage affected by the floods. The register will collate a list of all affected archives, historical societies, libraries, museums and galleries and monuments and sites and be posted on the BSA website. This register will be used to prioritise and better understand how, where and when best to respond and assist cultural heritage custodians affected by the floods.

The BSA committee has also agreed to meet more regularly with not just BSA pillars and associate members but any other cultural heritage organisations wanting to assist. In the coming weeks and months updates on BSA actions to the flood disaster will be posted on the BSA website and facebook page as well as BSA member organisations websites and discussion lists.

To contribute to the BSA flood disaster register please email the Blue Shield Secretariat at: blueshieldaustralia@gmail.com

BSA is compiling a register of all known flood affected cultural heritage collections and sites or monuments regardless of their size or if they are in private or public ownership.

The information in this register will be used by BSA and its partners to develop an effective response and recovery assistance from the Australian cultural heritage sector over the short, medium and long-term.

If you know of any cultural heritage affected by the floods please contribute to this central register by emailing BSA at: info@blueshieldaustralia.org.au

List of all States / Territories