Securing archives at risk conference, 1 October 2015

1 October 2015, Hotel National, Bern, Switzerland

The conference “securing archives at risk” is organized by swisspeace in collaboration with the Swiss Federal Archives and the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs in the scope of the “Archives and Dealing with the Past” project.

The event addresses the topic of the protection, security and access to archives at risk. When archives and records hold sensitive information with regard to accountability, violations of human rights and international humanitarian law, they are often at risk not only for political reasons following armed conflict or situations of transition, but also due to lack of resources, bad archival conditions and natural hazards.

The objectives of the conference are to understand the risks associated with archives that contain information on violations of human rights and international humanitarian law; to understand the current national and international legal standards; and to identify what can be done in the respective countries and if needed, in cooperation with other actors to protect, secure and give access to such archives.

You are warmly invited to register online by 17 September 2015. The conference program is available for download.